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Why Taylor Made Bathrooms?

We are detailed, organized and reputable

We are local professionals with 30 years of experience

With our experience we turn your ideas into great results

“I gave Ryan a budget to work with and let him guide/make the final decisions in regards the finishes and fixtures for the bathroom. The results are spectacular – the bathroom ‘pops’ with quality in finishes used and workmanship employed.

The Taylor Team was a joy to have in my home during the renovation. I would have the Team back to my home for future renovations in a heartbeat.”

Ann Residence, Customer

“We were so pleased with the work done on the bathroom that we decided to go ahead and renovate the kitchen! Again, every time-frame was met and when a problem arose about the space for the microwave, the carpenter came up with a solution that worked for everyone and even gave us more space on the island countertop. I have nothing left to renovate, but if I did, I would again go back to Taylor Made Bathrooms.”

Gibson Residence, Customer

“We’ve had Taylor Bathrooms renovate two bathrooms in our home – our master ensuite and our guest room ensuite – and we were delighted with the results! Both have a fresh new look with quality finishes and workmanship. The tradespeople at Taylor’s take pride in their work to ensure a great finished result. Thank you to all for enhancing the value of our home and creating lovely bathrooms that we enjoy every day.”

Lubinski Residence, Customer

“I am very pleased with my Taylor Made bathroom!  Our home was built in 1934 and we knew the reno job had the potential to present some complications.  We decided to have professionals come in, and we are so glad we did.  Of course there were some surprises under the old toilet which were corrected by Taylor. The workmanship was excellent and I would recommend them highly.”

Den Hollander Residence, Customer

“I sat down with the folks at Taylor Made Bathrooms and they helped me design two beautiful and functional bathrooms. The experience was outstanding.   They provided a detailed schedule for the renovation, which gave me a clear idea of timelines and when the project would be completed. They also quoted accurate costs for the project which meant no surprises for my budget.”

Peters Residence, Customer

“Taylor’s offered us great service with our bathroom renovation from beginning to end. Ryan took the time to fully explain the renovation process prior to beginning and was very helpful in assisting us in our decision making regarding colours, tiling, and fixtures. We were given a schedule of specific dates and times for the work to be done which helped us in our planning and minimized the disruptions involved in any renovation. All the contractors were professional and courteous and were happy to answer any of our questions along the way. The work was top quality. Any details needing attention were quickly resolved and Ryan took the time to oversee them. Our new bathroom looks great and we will recommend Taylor’s to friends and neighbours.”

Benardski Residence, Customer

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